GIST Symbols

The Symbol Mark

Our acronym, GIST, not only stands for Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology, but GIST can also communicate our values. GIST aims to take the lead in technological advancement through scientific research, and innovative thinking in accordance with global standards. The red color of the first pillar stands for 'dynamic, passion, strength, and progressive spirit'. The gray color of other pillars stands for 'self-control'. The red color serves as a reminder of the color of all GIST buildings, especially that GIST is the representative scientific and technological educational institution in Gwangju.

색상적용 이미지

Color Application

The color schemes as seen above represent GIST and consist of the representing color and the designated color. In case of color application, these specified colors should be used on principle. Other colors are prohibited even when they are similar to these. The production of the designated color should be carefully administered by the original color; if the use of the original color is not possible in the cases of newspapers, magazines, or other publicity materials, the designated color should be produced by using the combination of the four primary colors in the proportion as specified in the examples.

Media Mark

The tiered arrangement of "G," "I," '"S" and "T" stands for the progressive leaps toward global excellence that are made possible with a vibrant and youthful spirit.

Logo Type

In addition to the GIST emblem, the GIST logotype is another crucial element of U.I.S. (University Identity Standards). It shall never be altered arbitrarily under any circumstances for it was carefully designed to form unity in combination with the emblem. In principle, the logotype should be copied from the original in the manual; otherwise, it should be precisely produced according to the proportional grid scale.

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  • 로고타입 영문 이미지
  • 로고타입 한문 이미지
  • 로고타입 조합1 이미지
  • 로고타입 조합2 이미지


The emblem design was drawn from the symbol and logo of GIST and may be used for the decoration purposes. The emblem may use any colors among the main colors designated in the manual and in the range of exclusive colors. Slogans, etc. may be marked on the brim of the emblem as necessary but extra caution should be taken to maintain the basic image shown below.

엠블렘 이미지
개원 10주년 기념 엠블렘 이미지
The 10th Anniversary

The 20th Anniversary

The emblem introduced here has been developed to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the GIST foundation and will be used temporarily for the year of 2013 as part of the GIST visual identity system.
The emblem may be used alone or together with the GIST logo and it will be decided depending on the audience and the nature of application.


The signature regulates the combinatorial standards of GIST's basic symbol mark and logotype. The position and proportionate size are expected to conform to the presented examples, and the distance between the symbol mark and the logotype, in particular, should match the proportion in the examples.

  • 조합 국문 이미지
    Combination in Korean
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    Combination in English
  • 조합 한문 이미지
    Combination in Chinese
  • 조합 국/영 이미지
    Combination in Korean and English
  • 조합 한/영 이미지
    Combination in Chinese and English
  • 단도 이미지
    Combination in Black and White