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When you travel outside Korea (ft.Notice of Absence)

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This is applicable to GIST int'l students in grad school only! 

All int'l students in GIST who travel outside Korea must submit Notice of Absence form to SIC office before they leave. 

-Occasions: conference, personal vacation, exchange program abroad etc.

-What to submit: 
  1) Notice of Absence Form (signed by advisor) - http://ipa.gist.ac.kr/index.php?code=0416 
  2) a copy of flight ticket or itinerary

-Where to submit: SIC office

-When to submit: before you leave

  1) Notice of Absence is a must no matter how long you are gone abroad, i.e., even for 1 day.
  2) When you are going to be absent for months without Leave of Absence application, e.g. participating in three-month exchange program in overseas institution, you need to consult SIC office and Gwangju Immigration Office (GIO) in advance. GIO may request documents in which you need to explain your long absence during the academic years. 
  3) Your GIST scholarship will be prorated when you are absent from GIST for 15 or more cumulative days within a month.   

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